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About Us

William Beran, Founder and President

Finances are a highly personal topic. How you manage your money and where you invest it should reflect your goals and values.

You deserve to choose what your wealth supports. The sooner you begin your financial plan, the greater impact your wealth can have. Whether that means retiring early, leaving assets to future generations, or supporting ethical business ventures—that choice is yours to make.

As the founder of Beran Financial Partners, I am committed to helping you discover your goals and focus your investments accordingly. I provide fee-only comprehensive financial planning and investment management for individuals, families, and businesses of all backgrounds. I am also a fiduciary, which means I am legally bound to always act in your best interests.

I began Beran Financial Partners in Scottsdale, AZ after many years at Merrill Lynch, where I focused on tax efficient investment strategies. It was during my time there that I honed my financial planning expertise and discovered how much I love helping clients reach their financial goals and strive for their dreams.

From the beginning, Beran Financial Partners has been locally minded and values based. My specialty is in helping people who view their wealth as a tool to improve their lives and others’.

Before discovering my passion for helping people financially plan for a brighter and less complicated future, I experienced valuable learning opportunities (some people call those “mistakes”) that honed my empathy and broadened my view of the world. I graduated from University of Phoenix with a B.S. in Finance, and later graduated from Grand Canyon University with an MBA in Finance.

Beran Financial Partners LLC is located in Scottsdale, AZ and works with clients nationwide.

Client Centered

My wife, Stephanie, and I live in Northeast valley of Scottsdale Arizona. We have our two beautiful daughter, Olivia (5) and Emma (2), as well as our chocolate lab Nala. As an Occupational Therapist, Stephanie has the patience and grace to hold our family together which provides me the time work tirelessly for the clients of Beran Financial Partners.